WeConcile’s Story

Jennifer Lehr’s mission is helping others create a life and relationship of love and joy. She began writing WeConcile in 2009.

Jennifer’s journey led her from self growth to helping others grow. Like many others, Jennifer grew up in a family with difficult family dynamics. In her younger years, she did not have the skills needed to have a successful relationship.
She changed that. Jennifer knew that if she could change her relationship ability from poor to excellent, anybody could.

She created WeConcile to help couples get free from pain and disconnection, and to again find happiness in marriage. She spent years working on her own issues, educating herself as well as studying and training as a couples therapist and working with couples. She is delighted to share her expertise with couples through WeConcile. You can learn more about her journey below.

When the Journey is Abundance

Our Mission 

The mission of WeConcile is to empower its users to improve their important relationships.  Dedication to the long-term benefit of humanity is its primary consideration. 

WeConcile believes that it is service to the higher good of all life without fear which will result in the greatest abundance for all and allow the world we wish to be in to emerge.

In line with this, WeConcile operates from a position of trust and openness, knowing that as the higher good of long term benefit to humanity is our focus, we are demonstrating trust that our own personal welfare will be a by product of that intent.

WeConcile has integrated proven methods of couples therapy into its e-learning system. It is a superb alternative or addition to marriage or couples counseling.

Creator & Founder

Jennifer Lehr

Jennifer Lehr, MFT

Jennifer Lehr, MFT is an author, Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder and creator of WeConcile®– an affordable online DIY relationship restoration program for couples.
Creating WeConcile has been an over 10-year labor of love for Jennifer.

As a relationship expert, Jennifer specializes in educating couples on the relationship skills they need to build a solid, connected and loving partnership.

She has written about relational health and wellness as well as healing and living our best lives for various print and online publications. She has written and presented for GoodTherapy.org, a CE course for therapists, Clinician Use of WeConcile® to Facilitate Couples Work. She is on the Medical Advisory Board for LoveWellness.co

You can find her living on Orcas Island, WA, with her two dogs and husband, where she enjoys the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

You can find more about her here.

Our Team

Dave Boodman

Dave Boodman

Technical Advisor

Dave earned his bachelors degree in molecular biology from UCSD. He has over 20 years experience as a programmer, Unix administrator and systems designer. Dave’s knowledge has enabled us to create an amazing platform for couples. He is happily married with two children.

Mike Bosworth

Mike Bosworth


Mike Bosworth is a marketing advisor and the author of several books including the best selling marketing book “Solution Selling.”
He has two sons, a daughter and 3 grandchildren. His support and participation with WeConcile has been and is invaluable.

Jennifer Lehr, MFT believes that couples can learn the same skills that therapists learn.
Knowledge isn’t privileged.
It is available to those who wish to access it and are willing to use it.
You only need to do the work it takes to be great at anything, including being great at relating.

Here is to your Greatest Relationship.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

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