WeConcile Clinician Program

The WeConcile® Clinician Program™ is available for Relationship Helper professionals as a free resource to guide your WeConcile couples. (Therapists, Clergy, Counselors)

As helpers, we all experience first-hand how difficult relationships can be. Those of us in the helping professions sometimes feel stuck when assisting struggling couples in rebuilding connection and trust in their relationship.

WeConcile is a 24-level educational and experiential learning process that allows its users to understand more about their own “relation-albility” within their relationships. Each level focuses partners on a specific aspect of learning and experiential learning tools they will need to successfully complete the following steps.

The WeConcile Clinician Program allows you to read the WeConcile educational material (ahead of your couples, if you wish) as well information to help you guide your clients. This enables you to follow and direct the couples you are working with in a step-by-step way.

You will know exactly what step they are on, and can help them with the issues that emerge as they struggle with each new concept and new learning challenge.

This kind of guidance is often missing in the intuitive art of counseling, because there is also a science of love. This science allows us to provide a framework and a map.

You can use the WeConcile map – for free. The couples you are working with only need to sign up for their subscription and begin their relationship learning process. You fill in the gaps and guide them along the way, using and integrating your specific talents, sensitivities, and gifts.

WeConcile is a user-centered program. Client use of the program is necessary for the couple to gain the tools they need. While the WeConcile material will assist you in your work with your couples, the power of the program comes from having your couples use the material themselves because the program is designed to influence change as the users USE it. Use of the WeConcile map with non WeConcile users is prohibited and in violation of the Clinician Agreement.

Your WeConcile users will bring you issues when they get stuck. The education and experiential exercises they do outside of their therapy sessions are the key to their learning. The WeConcile Clinician Guide allows you to LEAD your clients down a productive path. WeConcile is designed to take a minimum of 6 months and for most couples will take longer, probably at least a year. The in-depth change WeConcile provides is part of an extensive learning process.

WeConcile is copyrighted intellectual property.

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