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How To Change Your Email

The first page of signup suggests/pre-fills your email but you can change it once you are logged in.

How Does A Single User Use The System

In order to use WeConcile as a single user, you would log in and then create a ‘fake’ account for a partner. You would need a different email address set up to use for this account. You then have a choice on how to use WeConcile. You could either ‘role play’ the partner role and base those answers on a past relationship. Or you could log in to the partner account at the end of each Level and skip through the exercises and indicate that all discussions were completed so you could proceed to the next Level.

How Does A User Start Using The System As A Single User And Then Have A Partner Join In Later

A single user will follow the instructions above. If they then meet a partner, or find their current partner wants to join them, they will then go back to the beginning and redo the exercises and set up the discussions with their partner.

How Does WeConcile Address Parent-Teen Relationships

WeConcile is not written to be used by a parent with a child, but the principles will be very helpful for these relationships. It is recommended that the parent(s) use WeConcile as couple first and then apply the principles they are learning to their teenage children.

How Does WeConcile Compare to Therapy

WeConcile is different from therapy in that there is not a trained professional holding the space for the couple or helping the couple bridge gaps between them. It focuses more on education, guided self-inquiry and guided discussions. It is more systemized than therapy and also very focused on what and how the couple will learn and engage with each other.

While the system itself does help hold the couple, it cannot work in the same intuitive way that a live trained professional can. But it is also more systemized than therapy and more focused on what and how the couple will learn and engage with each other in a step by step way.

When the Community aspect of WeConcile is implemented, it will help ‘hold’ the couple by offering other voices and insights beyond those of the two members of the couple. We highly recommend using the Community. We anticipate it being implemented soon after our launch.

How Does A Therapist Use WeConcile

A therapist can use WeConcile as a tool in their practice. By following WeConcile’s sequential learning model, WeConcile allows the therapist to guide his or her clients through a couples’ model that makes sense for both the therapist and the clients. A therapist can also use WeConcile as a user with his or her partner.

What Can A WeConcile Clinician I Am Working With Access In My Account

A registered WeConcile Clinician has access to the reading, exercise descriptions and other data specifically designed for therapist/clinician use. They do not have access to exercises or any other data you input into the system unless you provide them with your login information.

What Therapy Modalities Influenced WeConcile

WeConcile has been influenced by many modalities of therapy. The primary influences are Attachment theory, specifically through the lens of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, Gestalt theory and therapy with its attention to the present moment, working with 'what is' and the ‘I-Thou’ relationship, and Psychodynamic Therapy with its focus on how our past influences our present.

How To Contact Us

On the upper left hand corner of the website, you will find an envelope icon, which will allow you to send us an email.


WeConcile is based on a number of proven therapeutic modalities, foremost on the principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples; a well researched and documented form of couples’ therapy with statistically high success rates.


Because WeConcile is new, testing has been limited to a handful of users who worked with the system before it was automated. We received positive responses from those early users. We expect to be able to do testing in our current Early Adopter phase.

Is WeConcile Therapy

WeConcile is not therapy. It is an educational and self help system. It can be used with or without a therapist.

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