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Instead of giving a blender or candle holder to a couple you love, how about the gift of lasting love?

As a pre-engagement gift, an engagement gift or a wedding gift, WeConcile will help them develop the relationship knowledge, skills, trust, and connection they will need for a lifetime happy ending! WeConcile can help them “divorce-proof” their relationship!

You can gift the first 1, 2 or 3 levels of WeConcile.
After they complete the gifted portion, couples can choose to continue their WeConcile journey by self paying.

WeConcile is designed for committed couples who wish to:

  • Reduce conflict or disconnection
  • Increase intimacy
  • Create a fulfilling and satisfying relationship

Do you teach someone how to fish, or do you give them fish? WeConcile is teaching the couple you love to fish – to create the relationship of their dreams.

A lasting love is built. It is earned. We gain a lasting love by how we feel about and treat our partner. The skills to creating a lasting love can be taught. How many couples have the opportunity to be guided in a relationship mastery course?

With WeConcile, couples learn many essential elements to creating a rich, loving and lasting relationship. They learn critical skills. They develop better self awareness and access to their feelings. They learn new communication skills. They make time in their relationship to learn more about each other. They learn what is really upsetting them in their relationship (no it is not about the current argument but the deep attachment feelings they are experiencing in relation to the situation).

We don’t like to think of divorce when a couple is marrying. Yet many marriages which started with such a bloom of love and hope, end up fractured and wounded. Some couples part ways, while others limp along with unresolved issues. You can help your couple be one of the success stories.

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