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WeConcile is a multi faceted program designed to help you and your partner in a number of very intimate and powerful ways.
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Love Is A Garden

Love is what allows us to flourish and blossom. Creating a flourishing loving relationship is similar to growing a garden. A garden requires planning, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering and weeding, selecting and appreciating the fruit and flowers.  It requires knowledge of the seasons, meaning what to do when. It requires careful tending and nurturing. It takes patience because it takes time. It takes tenderness because new things are fragile, as are our hearts.

Similarly, tending your relationship takes the same attention. As you progress through WeConcile, your relational abilities will be nurtured. You will learn to tend the garden of your relationship and help it blossom and grow it into the uniquely beautiful thing that it wants to be.

Your Hopes Are Possible

So many of us have this idea that getting married is the fulfillment of our dream and that looking at the hard stuff is the ‘nightmare.’  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Dreams don’t just happen. Dreams are something we have to build – with focus, commitment and patience.

Without effort, a dream is only an illusion.  It isn’t solid; it doesn’t exist as reality in the here and now.  It exits in the future as a possibility and we can reach it if we develop the skills we need to make it our reality. Successful people and couples analytically figure out what’s not working and then make the changes needed to achieve their goals and dreams. WeConcile gives you a “GPS” to help you get there.

Calm Things Down

Look at the conflict as you understand it. Figure out the pattern that has swallowed up your relationship. Discover the root feelings and wounds that cause negative interactions. Explore the negative pattern as a way of coping with the disruption of safe connection.

Change Your Patterns

Learn to understand your root needs, fears and perceptions about relationships. Learn to share in a way that works. Learn to express your needs and desires

Put It Together

Open up new patterns of relating. Get comfortable, break in the shoe, get real with it. The tools you learn on this journey apply to all of your intimate relationships. You will emerge a different person than the person who started. And your relationship will transform in the process.

Stop Fighting Each Other

Rather than talking about the same old fight over and over, you will be asked to think about the mechanics of that fight, breaking it down, and finding out what is fueling the fight.  We call your conflict dynamic your ‘cycle.’ This knowledge will build as you progress through multiple levels until you have restructured how you relate and greatly reduced your areas of conflict.

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