A revolutionary do-it-yourself online educational application that helps couples improve trust, intimacy, safety and connection through established relationship science.


Helped Us

  • Save Our Marriage.
  • Improve Our Trust and Intimacy.
  • Feel More Connected.
  • Open Up New Discussions.
  • Understand More About Each Other.
  • Get On The Same Page With Our Goals.
  • Fight Less and Resolve Our Conflicts More Easily.
  • Communicate With Ease.
  • Stop Seeing Each Other As The Problem.
  • Develop More Understanding And Empathy For Each Other.

WeConcile’s Founder, Jennifer Lehr
Marriage & Family Therapist
talks about WeConcile

Jennifer Lehr, LMFT
Jennifer Lehr, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

WeConcile® Founder

Jennifer Lehr specializes in educating couples on the relationship skills they need to build a solid, connected and loving partnership. Jennifer has been helping couples for nearly 20 years.

She has had advanced training in many couples modalities and uses her knowledge to help others. She studied Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples – the statistically most successful couples modality available and incorporated those insights into WeConcile.

Jennifer Lehr has written about her journey from a difficult relational beginning to creating a beautiful relationship with her husband of 11 years.

She is a regular contributor to her 3 blogs, which are designed to help people improve their lives and relationships: Healing Tips Blog, WeConcile’s Blog and Jennifer’s Blog, as well as other media.

Jennifer Lehr contributes to various media including:

Medium Thrive Global GoodTherapy YourTango Family Therapy Magazine The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group The Islands' Sounder Love & Life Toolbox PsychCentral

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  • WeConcile was created by Jennifer Lehr, LMFT. Jennifer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a relationship expert. To read more about Jennifer, go to the About page.

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